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To be clear, or not to be clear….

19 Nov

Ever since I moved out on my own and had my own Christmas tree to decorate, I’ve used multi-colored lights.  It’s what my Mom always used.  It’s what they used in most of the old movies and Christmas cartoon specials that I watched.  Multi-colored lights seem to be unmistakably Christmas.  As a child, I swore that I would never, ever use the “boring” white Christmas lights on my tree.

However, this year I find myself really, really wanting to go with the white lights.  For some people who know me, this is almost shocking news. Seriously.  I’m thinking of going with all clear lights on the main floor, and then all multi-colored lights downstairs in the rec room area…where most of our entertaining actually happens.  It would give my upstairs a more formal setting and downstairs a more fun, child-like setting.  Thoughts?