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Welcome To My Porch

27 Aug

I bought this old flour can at a yard sale a few years back.  It belonged to an elderly lady who had recently passed away. Inside the can there was still some flour residue & even an old-fashioned sifter!  For the life of me, I cannot remember where I put it.  As you can see the can was well used.  I bought it to use as decoration on my front porch.  Each year when I brought it out, it seemed to look worse and worse.  So I thought I would give it a makeover.  I had some left-over black spray paint so that helped me to avoid the ever lasting process of choosing a color.

Everyone who knows me, knows I’m all about the porch, so after browsing through some signs online, I opted for the image above.  I left the top off, so now it can serve as a plant stand.  I lucked out that my pot was the perfect size!  Now I love it!  It makes me smile  every time I walk up the porch steps. :)