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I’ve Moved

14 Feb

I’ve moved my blog….from now on, you can catch me here.


Somebody stop me!

20 Nov

Ok.  So I am seriously contemplating painting my dining & living room – as in immediately.  Am I crazy? …..little bit.

It was my husband’s idea to paint now.  At first, I was like no way!  I was actually talking my husband out of painting…..what is wrong with this picture?  Then I started thinking about it….and well, now I’m kinda tempted.  November is almost over and I still have to clean & decorate my entire house.  Like I said, crazy.

The thing is that our house, although I love it, does not get much sunlight.  And for the past 5 years I’ve had to listen to my husband and my Mother telling my how dark my house was.  You see, I love color. LOVE!  So when we moved in, we painted our open concept living/kitchen/dining room a turquoise blue(which I still love) and a dark brown(now…not so much).  Not exactly bright colors.  After 5 yrs, I am finally starting to agree with my family, and am ready to make a change.

The plan would be to just remove the brown for now, and then later after the holidays are over, I could really get to work.  I have plans in my head for an accent wall behind the door and maybe something in the entry.  But for now it would simply be picking one color to replace the dark brown that is light and also goes with the still present turquoise.  I’m leaning towards a pale gray, which seems to be replacing beige as the new neutral.

I usually ponder paint colors for ever before purchasing, but if we are going to do this, we have to do it now!  Oh the pressure!  Part of me is excited while the other part of me is like “Are you crazy!”. I’ll keep you posted on what side wins.

To go with your morning coffee….

5 Oct

This morning I was doing my usual morning routine of drinking coffee and browsing design blogs, when I stumbled upon this house posted here.  Simply lovely!  I can’t decide what is my favorite room.  There’s the bright & airy kitchen…or the sweet little sitting room at the top of the stairs….or the gorgeous bathroom.  And lets not forget the most attractive laundry room ever!  There’s even a porch….and you know how I feel about those.  I highly suggest you take a second and check it out.

Fall has arrived!

24 Sep

I love Fall.  Sure I don’t care for the whole back to school thing, but I do love the colors, the crisp air, Thanksgiving, etc… If for no other reason, I love it for the fashion.   Ask anyone and they’ll tell you I am a sweater girl through and through.  I love them.  I  also love hats, scarfs, boots, jackets….pretty much everything.

This Summer the cast of the film The Romantics posed for J.Crew‘s Fall campaign.  If you haven’t already seen the ads, here are a few pics.

Not only do I love the clothes, I SO want to see this movie!  It’s only in limited release right now, but I’m hoping it comes here soon.

On Your Mark, Get Set…Paint!

27 Aug

Whenever I am stressed about something I usually try to occupy my mind with other things.  Things that I enjoy, that make me feel happy.  Needless to say I’ve been doing a lot of projects around the house lately.  I’ve also spent some time looking at do-it-yourself websites & blogs.  Wow, is there ever some talented people out there!

Anyway, since I  find myself spending a lot of time at home for health reasons, I thought I might create a decorating blog of my own.  I thought it would be a great way to save all the little projects that I do – just for my own benefit.  But if someone out there enjoys looking into other people’s homes as much as I do,  feel free.  :)