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Girls Bedroom

27 Aug

This past Winter I made a deal with my two daughters – if they showed me they could keep their bedroom relatively neat & tidy, I would do their room over.  We hadn’t really done much to their room when we moved in, aside from painting, & the girls had grown tired of the pink.  I was suffering from the Winter blahs & wanted a creative project.  I also wanted to take this opportunity to experiment with a few techniques I’d never done before, just to see if I could do it.  What better place than a child’s bedroom?

I had already started to prep the room before it occurred to me to take some before shots.

We really didn’t have any set ideas on what we wanted to do, just that we wanted to do something different.  I told them the first step was to find their bedding & then we’d take it from there.  Finding girls’ bedding that wasn’t completely pink, was inexpensive & something both girls could agree on was no easy task.  I also told them no licensed characters since I wanted it to last as long as possible.  In other words, we were not doing the room in Hannah Montana!  They finally chose a comforter set from Sears which costs around $40 each.

The other big change in their room was their beds.  To give the girls more space & in hopes it would help them to stay organized, we switched to bunk beds.  Instead of going the cheapest route possible, which is what we usually try to do, we splurged on black wooden bunk beds.  They’re very classic in their design and when the girls grow older they can turn into a lovely set of twin beds.

My daughters are both very musical & creative so we wanted the room to reflect their personality.  And as I mentioned earlier I wanted to try something new.  I had never done a diamond pattern before. I went online & found the instructions  here.  I won’t lie, it was very time-consuming.  I’m glad I only did the one wall.  However I really like the effect & think it would look great as an accent wall in a dining room or a bedroom….in more muted colors obviously.  Another thing I always thought would be fun to try is making a  CD curtain.  Talk about simple!  So many people have complimented me on this & how “crafty” I am.  If they only knew how little time it took!

After the diamonds, I did stripes with varying colors & widths. The next wall was dedicated to the girls love of music.  I traced two guitars onto the walls & purchased some old records & used double-sided tape to stick them to the wall.  I initially used velcro stick-ons but they could not hold the weight of the record and kept falling off.  Double sided tape seemed to work the best.

The girls had really wanted black walls, but I thought that one black wall was enough.   For this look I basically grabbed any circular items in the house I could find, and traced its shape onto the wall.  Then there was just the fun part of choosing colors & filling them in.

Someday I would like to paint their furniture in a nice glossy black and update their hardware.  It seems I am never quite finished with any project I take on.  There is always at least one more thing I’d like to add. But the important thing is the girls love their new room!


My Bedroom Closet

27 Aug

I recently installed one of those closet organizers into my bedroom closet.  Unfortunately I never thought to take a before pic.  Ours was quite easy to install….very simple instructions.   The only tools we used were a cordless drill(or screwdriver), a measuring tape..& that’s pretty much it.  One person could do it by themselves, although I sure appreciated my husband helping me. :)

These shelves (or cubbies as I like to call them) did not come with the above unit.  My sister gave them to me while she was moving. Gotta love free functional stuff!  They’re great for housing shoes.  I also love how sweaters can look when they’re folded in there so neatly.

I just hung our belts off the top shelf, but I think it looks alright. They’re out in the open, no need for digging.  I put my everyday purses up there too.   Someday I want to buy a nice colored box to keep my hats in.

One thing I did notice while we emptied the closet in preparation, is how horrible the walls are! I’ve never painted in there. It’s just white primer…& we all know how long white primer stays white. Too many black marks to count! Even my husband said he wished we could paint it. Had I not been in such a hurry to get everything back together again( I did this on a Monday night), I probably would have.