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My Bedroom Closet

27 Aug

I recently installed one of those closet organizers into my bedroom closet.  Unfortunately I never thought to take a before pic.  Ours was quite easy to install….very simple instructions.   The only tools we used were a cordless drill(or screwdriver), a measuring tape..& that’s pretty much it.  One person could do it by themselves, although I sure appreciated my husband helping me. :)

These shelves (or cubbies as I like to call them) did not come with the above unit.  My sister gave them to me while she was moving. Gotta love free functional stuff!  They’re great for housing shoes.  I also love how sweaters can look when they’re folded in there so neatly.

I just hung our belts off the top shelf, but I think it looks alright. They’re out in the open, no need for digging.  I put my everyday purses up there too.   Someday I want to buy a nice colored box to keep my hats in.

One thing I did notice while we emptied the closet in preparation, is how horrible the walls are! I’ve never painted in there. It’s just white primer…& we all know how long white primer stays white. Too many black marks to count! Even my husband said he wished we could paint it. Had I not been in such a hurry to get everything back together again( I did this on a Monday night), I probably would have.